Of late…Since the GRE season has started, It is difficult to decipher even the usual conversations we have during the classes. I was the last to catch up with  this whole verbosity thing since I had bunked the first two weeks of college. First class of this semester, when I entered the class ..I had to face a series of interrogations like…”Dude, You look so lugubrious!!Wat happened? How was the peregrination???”. That was followed by a series of complicated words , of which I totally did not have any clue about. I thought..”Oh my God,Talking to friends has never been this much difficult.”I nodded my head blankly trying to pose like I understood .

This was not getting any better.From then on all my replies and responses in any talk would be monosyllabic or in the worst case.. “Oh yea!!.. “. I had my own ready to use, exclusively tailored set of neutral phrases like 1)”Yea …Totally” 2)”Oh..I never knew….” etc etc.All was well until one day , during a casual conversation..I was told..” Why were you so impudent and pachydermatous yesterday ???”. None of my neutral response would fit!!  I wished my brain had a “Wordweb” software. I gave a brief nod. “Does that  mean that you are Pachydermatous??” Er…No!!! ..”Then why did u nod??” ..(Mind voice:”Awww.. For God’s sake tell me what is pachydermatous !!!”.)That word stuck into my head ,I hastily googled it only to find out that it’s a verbose version of unemotional. (Enna koduma sir idhu!!)

Classrooms started looking like  classrooms actually. Novels were replaced by wordlists. No more news papers. All I could see was Aptitude books. I was totally bored. Cue cards became my new friends. (Nerdy friends btw). Learning words actually appeared to be fun.But guess what’s funnier??? Using weird adjectives on friends !!. We felt like we are talking an encrypted version of English.

Apart from being wordy,we are actually being more expressive. And I am fascinated by the fact that how English has an exclusive word for every little thing we want to express.We are not beating about the bush anymore while our mind is searching for the appropriate word., And the best part is that our talks have become more adultish.. :P. Waiting to relish more exotic journeys with my new word friends.


Out of the cocoon….

Here I am.. No longer childish..No longer innocent!!!Still preserving that  tint of caprice and naughtiness in my eyes.I wonder how quickly my informal and happy-go-lucky lifestyle is changing gradually to a serious and in fact gloomy one!!! Whoaa..A serious start indeed.

I still remember that day when i got drenched in the muddy puddle and smiled sheepishly to my mom saying..”Amma…I fell down..”and how warmly she hugged and cuddled me saying…”Its ok sweetoo…” Nobody blamed us those days. Everything was taken for granted. Now I am in the verge of completing my undergraduation (I know I must have sounded like a 40 yr old :P).suddenly people started of speaking about career, life etc.I am trying my level best to adapt to the seriousness..but still that childish voice inside me feels this to be hostile.

Anyways ..I am open to responsibilities and commitments now. I ll have my own way of being lively and cherished  amidst the adulthood.

ps: I am tempted to categorise this post as “One boring post”…But still Its my first work.I am proud of myself. 🙂