>An Outlet to my thoughts……..

>Yipeeee….. I started a blog….

I had always thought that the best outlet for my thoughts and emotions is my mouth…..But it involves many risks…Especially when I forget about whom am talking about and to whom…Yup…am obsessed to gossips and chit chats…..Moreover mouths have a more important job to do…(what else…..EATING)…..
Basically the reason why i started a blog dates back to 3 incidents:
Aug 28 2009:
My sweet sis , who has been my companion since I was born left abroad for her higher studies. She was the only person with whom i would share even my darkest secrets…Of course we promised each other at the airport(after a cosy hug…..Hmmm I miss it) that we ll be the same sweet sissies in spite of the several thousand miles between us ..But ..Like everyone says “Long distance never works out!!!”So i thought I ll do the blah blahs… here
Nov 15 2009:
Semester exam started…Ppl were too busy being nerdy and geeky.Since my childhood I have always been immune to such hurdles …Come what may….Olympiads,Quizzes,Exams,Slip tests….etc etc..Being a chatterbox is the best thing….But everyone cant be me…..:(
Mar 1 2010(Today):
I should mention something here….Three things i cant live without.
2)Milk chocolates
3) Dark chocolates
All of the above led my beloved mouth into a chronic tooth infection.As a result one of my molars was extracted from mouth.Of course it was painful.But the most painful part was that I should nt talk for atleast 2 days…Duh…These stupid medical terms cant stop me from radiating my thoughts.
So….As a result…I started this Bloggy( ;-))….
Hope my journey with my bloggy continues until Sri lanka becomes Srimathi Lanka….(LOL….)

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